Britain stands strong – Barnier sounding petulant about the UK not bowing to the EU’s every need

Following the latest round of trade talks directed by Boris Johnson’s negotiator David Frost, the European Commission’s Head of Task Force hit at the Brexit Britain for refusing to extend the transition period and adhering into its negotiating lines. In the discussions, Mr Barnier also reiterated the EU’s intention to seek a “level playing field” with Britain on a range of core areas such as oversight, fisheries and regulations.


Quite a few notable eurosceptics have since endorsed the hard-line approach of the Westminster Government and blasted the response of Mr Barnier. The former MEP for the West Midlands insisted fishing would be the “acid test” of their discussions and said Mr Barnier was berating the lack of progress because the EU would no longer have access to British waters. He explained: “Barnier sounding petulant about the UK not bowing to the EU’s every need. “The usual threats about the level playing field.

Why Frost was 100 per cent right to rule out the extension into the 15, Reveals. “Barnier also moaning about there being ‘no progress’ on fisheries. His notion of ‘progress’ is EU fishermen having access to British waters. “So on this measurement, there’ll never be progress! Boris must remain strong on this one – it is the acid test.” Martin Daubney, another former Brexit Party MEP, also ignored Mr Barnier’s worries over Brexit and asserted the arch-europhile was beginning to panic because the UK won’t “surrender its oceans to the EU”. Mr Daubney explained: “When Barnier says not improve on fisheries’.

He means that the UK will not continue to concede its waters’. “He also says we’the UK can’t refuse to extend the transition period’ — but we could – he would like to have his cake and eat it — No Deal!” Brexiteer Michael Heaver added: “The UK not being pushed around in discussions anymore and the EU don’t like it.”

The UK and the EU have negotiation rounds on May 11 and June 1 until both sides must agree whether or not to impose an extension of up to 2 years. In a media conference in Brussels Mr Barnier criticized the short timetable, he explained: “It is exceptional, never in the background for such vital negotiations with any country, happen to be under such time pressure. “The UK, therefore, cannot enforce this short, short timeline and at precisely the same time not budge, make advancement, on some topics which are of significance to the EU.”

A Downing Street spokeswoman has confirmed there was “limited progress” between the two sides and emphasized the EU’s offer on a Free Trade Agreement “falls well short”. She said: “This was a complete and constructive negotiating around, conducted remotely by video conference, and with a complete assortment of discussions across all of the topics, based on their extensive legal texts provided by either side in recent weeks. “However, limited progress has been made in bridging the gaps between the EU.” “This considerably lowers the practical value of the zero-tariff zero quota aspiration we both share.”


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