UK Chief negotiator levels a stern warning “UK would never ask for an extension”

It’s been reported this week that the UK chief trade negotiator David Frost has levelled a stern warning with EU’s chief trade negotiator Michel Barnier. In the videoconference discussion, it’s been reported that David Frost stated the UK would never ask for an extension.

He claimed that any request for an extension would be refused as we would have our hands tied and we wouldn’t be free to take back control of our waters, law, money and prohibited to sign new trade deals from around the world.

If an extension happened, that would mean the EU would still have the overriding control on our rules, regulations, without a say at any table along with paying billions into a club where we would be treated as a second class state at a time when the UK would need that vital money to rebuild, this is why the trade negotiator has said it’s not in the UK’s best interest to remain in a block which we voted to leave.

Over the last few days, Scotland’s government tried to throw a spanner into the works after asking for an extension stating leaving the EU in the current climate would cause economic disruption. But that was quickly shot down after Number 10 said: “it’s in UK law that we are leaving the EU.”

It’s incredible how at a time where its clear to see that remaining in the EU through an extension would destroy any chances of any economic recovery and would hinder the appeal of Britain when it comes to people wanting to do business. As of yet, there hasn’t been any credible reason to remain in the EU with an extension, the only excuses used by the naysayers seem to be chatting out the standard narrative which quite frankly is become not only old but predictable. How would you describe the naysayers? Have they convinced that remaking is the best option for Britain? 

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