The European Union has been irrelevant in its solidarity.

With lockdowns slowly being lifted, we are now getting a glimpse into the economic carnage in the EU countries. The Bruges Group has come out stating in the Express: “Countries are in massive debt, economies are teetering on the brink.

“We didn’t know where this crisis was going to come from, but inevitably there would always be a downturn at some point.
“This downturn is now with us, and unless Germany is prepared to underwrite and forgive debts of nations that have been hit hard by the coronavirus, which they are totally unwilling to do, these countries will be devastated economically.
“Even more so than the lockdown has caused because for the year to come they’re going to have to be paying back the money they’re using to keep their systems going.”

Mr Oulds continued: “We’re nearing the end of the European single currency as we know it, and the relevance of the EU as we understand it.
“It’s been the nation states who are having to take action because only the nation state has the moral, the legal and technical expertise and resources to put in disposal to take action.
“The European Union has been irrelevant. It’s only relevance is that it’s slowed down the process of having a collaborative, connective approach to getting ventilators.

“It’s been too slow, it’s been failing there. The Chief Medical Officer has resigned and they can’t take action.”
The Bruges Group Director added: “The whole European Union ideal has fallen apart. One of the key things about the EU is the free movement of people, unlimited movement.
“Well that idea has gone out the window because European Union member states have unilaterally imposed border controls to try and prevent the disease spreading into their.
“One thing is the European Union’s become irrelevant and it’s also become contrary to one of the key ideals of the EU.”

Mr Oulds also told “We can now quite clearly see that it’s a health risk in the time of pandemics. It’s ideal has fallen apart.

“It hasn’t done anything that’s productive in the crisis. The European Union often talks about solidarity and having solidarity between the different nations.
“What that actually means in reality is, as the COVID-19 crisis has shown, they don’t mean that larger nations like Germany help out countries hit by crises like Greece.
“What is means is that these countries must do as they say in a German-led European Union that doesn’t want to take on the debts of other countries.
“We have seen absolutely no solidarity given by wealthier countries who haven’t been hit badly by the crisis. They’ve given zero support to Italy.”

As you can see stated above, there hasn’t been much solidarity shown to the desperate nations in the EU who were asking for help. Whether that help has been in the form of equipment or monetary assistance, the EU always drag their feet being reluctant to step in. How can a bloc treat a member state in that way and then hold a straight face by offering an apology on their admittance to letting down member states? How will that bring back the deaths of those that have fallen due to the lack of help in doing its best to contain the problem from spreading?. For the EU to still churn out the same old rhetoric on solidarity while it is glaringly evident that solidarity only stands when times are good is a shocking stance to take.

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