SMASHING THE NARRATIVE – The media today reached a new low, here’s why…

Just when you think the media couldn’t do down Britain any more than it already does, today revealed a new low. Just after I had my breakfast, news broke that the PMI, which shows the performance of manufacturers in the UK was down to a record low. It dropped from 36 down to 12.9 in a matter of weeks. The media claimed it was the lowest performance since the 1700s, using words like disastrous and devastating to describe the situation.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is a dire picture to be viewed, but that’s only on the surface. When you delve deeper into the bigger picture, it wasn’t a surprise that this happened, especially when practically everyone is at home and not being productive at work. The way the Mainstream Media was churning out plates full of doom would have had some scared and anxious about the future of Britain, just as the media likes it.

What I saw today from the Mainstream Media showed that they were focusing minds to the now, not to the future. Take it from me the Mainstream Media are the biggest naysayers on earth. Everything is always doom and gloom but in reality, what they are feeding you is pure fear. The real narrative of today’s news should have been showing the figures of the now figures, as bad as they were, stating why this has happened and giving analysis from experts on how we as a nation climb ourselves from this historic low. Providing positive news, saying the projections will be much better after we go back to work, kick starting the engine of Britain. But obviously, that would be to easy and doesn’t happen.

Today’s Mainstream Media is all about doom and gloom and never about positivity. Don’t buy into their waste of space doomster ethos; instead, demand truth, seek truth and look beyond the tiny micro-narrative they wish you to dwell on. What’re your thoughts on the Mainstream Media? Do you see past the narrative?

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