Remainer Liddington casts doom once again on the UK as we negotiate details of our exit from the EU

One of the former chief conservative remainers MPs from the last government lineup which held back the country and nearly sold out the UK hook line and sinker has come out with his own supposed warning that a hard Brexit from the EU could trigger a public backlash. (To be honest, I don’t see where this backlash would come from). He goes on to suggest that the bloc’s values and access to EU controlled markets (which as a country you have to be subservient to the EU and continue to pay billions into their gravy train) would somehow help the UK recover through this tough pandemic period.

In the Dutch newspaper, NRC Handelsblad Mr Liddington states: “COVID-19 makes extension inevitable,” trotting out the same narrative as every other remainer still actively seeking to disrupt our full exit from the EU saying: “There is not enough bandwidth to pay attention to Brexit in Whitehall or the European Commission and the major capitals.” Liddington goes on to urge London and Brussels not to throw up trade barriers: “We suddenly live in a different world. I recently stood in line for the supermarket, and a fellow villager said to me: ‘If only we could just talk about the Brexit sideburns again’, he said.

“Because it is so fresh, it is impossible to make predictions.
“I hope both sides understand that now is the time to resist protectionism. We know that after the stock market crash of 1929, the trade barriers of that time worsened the depression.”

Boris Johnson’s dedicated negotiations team has been given its order to stand by there deadline. David Frost stated that any attempt to deal the negotiations would be rejected and we would prepare to leave without a deal on WTO terms if nothing could be put together.

Here’s the truth of this picture. How does Liddington come to his conclusion that the UK would be better in the EU when in the current climate, the EU is on its knees politically and visually. They refused help to desperate member states that even went on national tv to beg for help. Do we align ourselves with this sort of outfit? Is that what Great Britain finds comfortable? Do we want to pay tens of billions into a collapsing system when that money could go to help Britain? I don’t think so Liddington.

Your analogy has highlighted how truly dangerous of a politician you were if you honestly think that staying in a collapsing club would benefit the UK. Not only do we see your words showing that you would be at ease to put a political entity above the country but you are also happy for our country to be liable to 100s of billions of pounds if the EU collapsed so that we stay in the EU. This isn’t about trade; it’s about risk, and it’s clear to see that the risk is being in a club which is falling to its death.

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