Boris thanks Donald Trump for his Kind support whilst he was unwell fighting coronavirus.

The Prime Minister was discharged from Intensive Care at London hospital on April 12 and is recovering in his country estate Chequers. The Prime Minister has given President Trump an update on his health during a recent phone call.

Boris Johnson told Trump that he is “feeling better and on the path to recovery”. Even though Mr Johnson is recuperating at Chequers with pregnant fiancee Carrie Symonds, The Prime Minister is eager to be getting back into the driving seat leading the government. Even though Downing Street insists that Boris Johnson isn’t doing “official work”, Boris will hold an audience with the queen later this week, the conversation will take place over a phone call.

President Trump’s wife Melania called Ms Symonds this week to provide her well wishes. A Downing Street spokesman said: “The Prime Minister spoke to President Trump today, and thanked him for his good wishes while he had been unwell. “The leaders agreed on the importance of a coordinated global response to coronavirus, such as the G7 — that the US currently chairs.”

Mr Johnson is under pressure to seek an extension of the transition period beyond December 31 2020. Three separate weeks of talks have been agreed, with the first week of discussions taking place today. The remainder will commence on May 11 and June 1, the BBC reports. The talks come after several cancelled face to face discussions because of the COVID-19 outbreak; however, meetings will take place over videoconference.

They also discussed the UK-US cooperation in the struggle against the pandemic. The White House added that the PM said he was “feeling better and on the road to recovery”. It’s barely a week since the Prime Minister was released from hospital after a spell in intensive care. Yet, it seems the Prime Minister is eager to take charge of the struggles against coronavirus, despite being advised to rest by physicians.

Prime Minister has already intervened to prevent any speculation of an easing of lockdown. He’s been receiving “daily updates” about the coronavirus response. The Prime Minister held discussions with chief aide Dominic Cummings, Mr Raab, communications director Lee Cain and Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill on Friday. You will find reports Mr Johnson’s closing circle has stopped using the phrase “exit strategy” when discussing the lockdown. Instead, they wish to indicate a “next stage” of lockdown.

This includes levels of restrictions, which can be set to continue for the rest of the year before the outbreak dwindles altogether or a vaccine can be found. Oxford University is now working on human trials as labs throughout the globe race to discover a vaccine.

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