US and UK forces join together in criticising China’s coronavirus coverup.

The UK has joined the US and France in criticising China’s cover-up of this scale of coronavirus at its epidemic as well as the mysterious origin of this virus. Together with US intelligence officers, the united kingdom are looking into the Death Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and its history of mysterious bat virus experiments.

This comes amid “increasing confidence” from US officials that the Chinese laboratory is behind the virus outbreak and not a wet market as initially claimed. According to Sky News, the UK has joined other intelligence communities and the US as they attempt to establish the COVID-19 outbreak’s source in taking a look at all possibilities. 

Over four weeks into the tragedy, the source of the virus stays shrouded in a mystery after the outbreak has not been linked by any definitive evidence to the Wuhan market. This week, a Fox News investigation revealed that classified papers showed that bats were never sold by the Wuhan wet market identified as a point of origin. Instead, US intelligence officials believe the wet marketplace was an effort by China to divert blame. 

The US intelligence community is confident that the outbreak came unintentionally from a Wuhan laboratory studying diseases in bats. Asked about the most recent intelligence claims linking the virus into the Wuhan lab, the US secretary of defence Mark Esper explained: “This is something we have been watching closely now for some time.” According to the reports that are classified, the virus was not man-made nor was meant to be used as a bio-weapon. It is known that the transmission of this virus has been bat-to-human. 

Patient zero is believed to have been an intern who was infected before spreading it among the overall Wuhan inhabitants, while working, based on Fox’s Bret Baier. On Tuesday, a Washington Post investigation revealed that concerns were raised by US embassy officials at China about the insufficient safety processes of the virus lab. A report by the embassy at the time read: “During interactions with scientists in the WIV laboratory, they noted the new laboratory has a serious shortage of suitably trained technicians and researchers required to safely run this high-containment laboratory” US President Donald Trump has confirmed that his government is trying to ascertain if COVID-19 escaped from a Wuhan lab. French President Emmanuel Macron has also questioned China’s handling of the outbreak that was coronavirus.

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