Bulgaria’s MEP Angel Dzhambazki publicly slams EU commission in the European Parliament over coronavirus

Bulgaria’s MEP Angel Dzhambazki explained the top EU supervisors should be “ashamed” after a scathing criticism of Brussels managing of the pandemic. He moved on to tag European Council President Charles Michel a “hypocrite” through the fiery address in the European Parliament this past week.

This comes after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was pressured to a grovelling apology on behalf of Brussels to Italy. In her speech, Mrs von der Leyen admitted Europe had neglected to demonstrate solidarity with Italy in the onset of the pandemic outbreak. She said: “It is true that nobody was ready for this. It’s also true that too many were not there on time when Italy needed a helping hand in the very start,” she said at a speech to the European Parliament.”And for that, it is correct that Europe as a whole provides a heartfelt apology”.

Reacting to the intervention of Mrs von der Leyen, Mr Dzhambazki first took issue with the silence among EU chiefs on China’s alleged cover-up of this pandemic. He said: “No-one here’s said anything about communist China for being kept silent, for having spreading lies.”It’s just like the Soviet Union whined to the world about Chernobyl, which resulted in tens of thousands of deaths in Europe.”

The MEP went to attribute the EU commission to get its chaotic, European response stating member-states were made to fend for themselves due to Brussels’ refusal. He explained: “Commissioner, it is the EU Commission who had been late and it was due to those flaws it supposed member-states had to close borders.”

Mr Dzhambazki then went on to criticize Charles Michel for passing a mobility package that will leave European “heroes” unemployed after the catastrophe. I think you are that today, in the midst of all this, you are currently deciding on the mobility package.”Today, these drivers are welcome. Now, they are not sent. Now, there is absolutely no package. They are working 12 hours per day, sleep in their truck cabins, and no one carries them back to their home countries.” And you will kick them out; it’s hypocrisy. It’s mad. We’re not likely to side with this. These steps are not reasonable; they’re fantasy!”

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