Boris confirms he’s “prepared to leave with no trade deal”

The chief adviser to the Prime Minister returned to his post this week having lately put himself in isolation after reporting symptoms of COVID-19 -to provide advice. And a Number 10 source has stated Mr Cummings’ yield has produced a palpable difference.

The government was lately pressed to extend. Mr Johnson vowed to make attempts to strike a deal with the European Union, however, said he was prepared to leave with no trade deal. Downing Street has said that the government is immovable with this issue, and will refuse to extend the Transition Period even if the European bloc asked to do so. The source said Mr Cummings was the driving force behind the decision, saying: “Dominic’s the spine, and he is making himself felt. “Back to his forceful best, I would say.” 

An ally of Mr Cummings provided insight into the administration’s plan. They told The Times: “There’s an opinion in No 10 now that we’re heading for no deal. The UK’s chief negotiator, David Frost, reaffirmed the government’s position. He wrote: “Extending would only prolong negotiations, create more uncertainty, leave us liable to pay more to the EU in the future and keep us jumped by evolving EU laws at a time once we have to control our affairs. Mr Frost, who also spent time in self-isolation due to coronavirus, has reconvened discussion with the European bloc this week. An announcement described the talks as constructive, and further discussion is supposed to take place in the forthcoming weeks. 

All negotiations are now set to take place remotely as a result of the outbreak of coronavirus, of which Europe was claimed to be the epicentre. Texts were exchanged earlier in March; nevertheless, talks were then abandoned since the virus took hold across the continent. Other government officials have confirmed the UK will not back down in the deadline. Chancellor Rishi Sunak stated the authorities would see that a conclusion to talks by the year’s end. He explained: “I am convinced that that work can continue and hopefully reach a satisfactory conclusion, but we remain dedicated to the deadline that we put out.” Opposition party members and leaders have urged the authorities to reconsider their position.

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