EU believe an extension is coming as they factor in billions from the U.K. into EU budget.

Some EU models have factored in the possibility of UK taxpayers sending billions of pounds into Brussels as diplomats and officials draw up their economic rescue plan. The express report there’s a growing belief in the EU that Boris Johnson will decide to extend the transition period.

The U-turn would mean a cash contribution from the PM to retain access into the EU market and customs union. One EU source stated: “We are currently looking at all the possible funding choices. “Can the Brits go out in 2020 or maybe not? Will that offer more money?” 

But this unsure question the EU ask, hasn’t deterred EU decision-makers out of thinking about the possibility of new British money being injected to the bloc’s future budgets. “I do not think anyone is already relying on new British support… But, naturally, it’s a theoretical possibility that the Brits remain longer despite the Prime Minister saying it won’t be ” another EU source said. 

The bloc yet again try to make these assumptions even though the U.K. government have stated repeatedly that the U.K. will be exiting the EU in its entirety by the end of the year. 

With the bloc confronting one of its deepest recessions, Germany demanded revamped plans to improve spending contributions involving the EU following the multi-annual budget. Ursula explained: “A European funding that with all its might is ready to leverage the necessary cash for a massive investment initiative to restart the economic process. “We are not talking about a billion; we are talking about a trillion, looking at the investment initiative that needs to be done.” 

European capitals have spent weeks sifting over possible rescue packages, including the so-called coronabonds plan to share the debt burden of the worst-hit nations’ financial recovery across the Eurozone. But failing to achieve a considerable deal, Mrs von der Leyen has known for member nations to make a new instrument for funding the repairs. We will need massive public and private investments to reconstruct the economy and create new projects. The key to this is a brand new, robust EU budget.” 

The Marshall Plan financial support package was supplied to Western Europe from the US in the 1940s to encourage the Continent’s recovery following the Second World War. European leaders are expected to start discussions on the programs next week during a crisis European Council summit. 

Former Brexit Party MEP Alex Phillips stated: “It beggars belief that the EU has been reluctant and unable to mutualise debt across Euro countries after Germany and the Netherlands rejected coronabonds for Mediterranean members Spain and Italy still affected by the consequences of this previous Eurozone crisis. “With no credible plan, they want to shake the charity tin in our leadership. The reply from the united kingdom ought to be No! Non! Nein!

In conclusion the EU has always been about money and expansion. They are factoring in a possible contribution so they can present a job done extension offer to Prime Minister Johnson. Only thing the EU hasn’t factored into their plan is that Boris Johnson isn’t Theresa May and they May soon get a shock to find Boris isn’t for turning. Only through fear of losing everything will the EU change its tactics and work towards a joint agreement that is mutually beneficial. 

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