Brexit Bashing Junker set to make hundreds of thousands in promoting EU “expansionist vision”

In a news article by the Express, it’s become apparent that The London Speaker Bureau is advertising a former European Commissioner as being available to give keynote speeches or talks at conferences anywhere in the world for the right fee.

It’s reported that his speciality subjects up for discussion is Brexit, the European Union and the bloc’s single currency. The page boasts that Mr Junker is a “founding father of the euro, a pioneer of European unification and prime minister Luxembourg”. 

With this now being public knowledge, you wouldn’t be surprise to know that Arch-Federalist and Ultra remoaner Guy Verhofstadt is with the same agency. Mr Verhofstadt makes as much as £167,585 a year from public speaking appearances, according to his financial declaration to the EU Parliament. 

When Junker left the EU, he had to seek permission from the new commission president Ursula Von de Leyen before being able to sign with the London Speaker Bureau. It looks like an arrangement was made, as long as Junker promotes the European Union’s expansionist vision and interests, he was able to make money from guest appearances. 

A copy of the decision that was seen by the Express, it stated: “The former President furthermore informed the Commission that he intended to use the opportunity presented by these speaking engagements to raise awareness about the European Union and to promote a better understanding of its role and importance.” 

Even after leaving office Mr Junker is expected to “respect the obligations” handed to him by Brussels, the memo added. Junker, during his time as commission president said a lot of things about Brexit. Junker labelled it a “waste of time and energy”, He even accused leading Leave campaigners, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, liars and claimed he would have been able to convince Britons to remain in the EU if he was allowed to join the campaign.

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