Keir Starmer hits out at Boris over the handling of the coronavirus

Today Keir Starmer hit out at the Prime Minister over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak. The new labour leader stated that Boris was far to slow to react to the pandemic, and he didn’t learn fast enough from other hard-hit countries.

Starmer told BBC Radio: “I think that some of the decisions made in the last few weeks were too slow and didn’t learn quickly enough from other countries, let’s not repeat that,” Starmer said that mass testing is likely to play a significant role in any exit plan, and the government need to start to be putting things in place to enable that to happen. 

Starmer stated that he agrees with a further extension on the shutdown strategy, but people need “maintain morale and hope”, the public required to have an idea of what is coming next. “Overcoming this crisis requires taking the British public with you,” Starmer said. “The government needs to be open and transparent… The silent pressures on communities across the country cannot be underestimated.” 

In conclusion, Keir has the gift of hindsight without the responsibility of being under the extreme pressure of this crisis. Has Boris and team got everything right? Maybe not everything, but as this outbreak was running in real-time, I think he did his best as he saw fit.

One thing that we do see as a fault was not putting people that came on a plane from COVID 19 hard-hit countries into quarantine, so we knew that those coming in were free from COVID 19. Keir has to realise that it’s easy shouting from the sidelines being a critique on where he thinks Boris got things wrong, but how about phoning Boris and team up and lending advice instead of going public for political point-scoring? Keir said he wouldn’t do down the government in this period for doing down sake, but this does seem he is doing precisely what he said he wouldn’t do.

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