U.K. fishermen are “Really concerned” due to lack of monetary help in place to see our fishermen through this crisis period

In this interview below, fishermen express their concern over the lack of help given by the government to see the industry through this shutdown. It’s stated that there is some money for smaller boats but nothing to help the larger boats of the fleet. 

Scottish trawler Alistair Sinclair told the Today programme: “We don’t really know what is ahead of us.

There’s no light at the end of the tunnel. We may get to the point where boats are of little value.

“Everything we’ve worked for through our life to get where we are today could be erased like rubber on a piece of pencil and paper.”

Speaking to the Today programme, Mr McNab said: “Really concerned about it.

“It’s a big part of this village, the whole village was built on fishing – there was massive herring fishing hundreds of years ago and if there are no boats, it’s a big hit.

“It’s probably costing us, at the moment, between wages, insurance, harbour dues, around £10,000 a month to keep things going.

“Obviously, we can’t carry on.”

Come on Boris, don’t let down our fishermen and the towns that rely on this industry, especially as we leave the EU and regain our waters. 

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