John Redwood – We’re in the drivers seat “The British position is a respectable, sensible and strong. It must not change.”

As we set to leave the EU in its entirety by the end of the year, Tory MP John Redwood offered his thoughts in an interview with the Express newspaper. Mr Redwood said Boris Johnson’s consistency with his stance would significantly enhance and strengthen the UK’s negotiation position in these trade deal negotiations.

Redwood continued to claim it will only be when the EU realise that there is nothing else on the table will there finally be a mutually beneficial outcome on the trade agreement. “I can’t be sure of what is in Boris’ mind, but I can offer my advice. “My advice is that Boris has to carry on saying and doing exactly what he has been saying and doing from the outset of these post-Brexit trade talks. “That the British position is a respectable, sensible and a strong one and it must not change. 

“Over the weeks ahead, if it becomes clear to the EU that our position is not going to change, we will start to see movement. “If the EU thinks that Boris Johnson does have some secret dodge for making further compromises, then they will be very tough. “They could even get the better of him.” 

During his interview, he expressed that the UK is still in the drivers seat. John said: “I believe that ending up just leaving puts us in a perfectly good position. “But of course, I would rather we had a free trade agreement as well. “It is massively in the EU’s interest to get a good trade deal, but we will only get it if the EU recognise that there is nothing better on offer from their point of view. “They would clearly rather have a free trade agreement modified by controls and laws and taxes imposed on us.

The Tory MP continued saying: “I think the EU’s worry related to everything else but the trade deal. “I think the EU worries that if we have a reasonable scope to make our own laws, set our own taxes and negotiate our own trade deals with the rest of the world, we may be quite good at that. “What they don’t want is a very successful UK as soon as we leave the EU as they would see that as a commentary on the European Union.”

In summary, John Redwood is correct. The EU, through its history, has always thrown its weight around to hammer countries into surrendering its redlines. This was evident when Theresa May started to do the bidding for the EU in our parliament when at every turn, Mrs May was reluctant to battle for Britain at the negotiating table. Time after time Mrs May extended in fearing the Unknown instead of making a case for the unknown being turned into a vision.

Boris, on the other hand, has done just that and the EU are getting increasingly nervous due to Boris Johnson refusing bow down to the demands of the EU negotiation team and its commission. In conclusion, if Boris keeps to his guns and doesn’t veer off the road with his stance, we will have the upper hand regardless if we can conduct a deal or not.

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