EU’s Breton says ‘solidarity’ is only way out of Covid-19 crisis


In an interview with FRANCE 24, Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market and former French finance minister, reacted to the rescue deal reached on April 9 between EU finance ministers in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In summery Solidarity doesn’t mean throwing money at countries to shut them up in hopes it dampens down the anger. These countries should be angry and rightly so. Take Italy, a country who went many times to the EU seeking help to find a door being slammed into their face at each attempt. Since these attempts to ask for support, thousands of people in Italy have sadly died. This isn’t to say the impact of COVID 19 would’ve been any less if help would have been earlier. But the sense of working together, knowing every precaution was made to try to prevent people from dying as a United bloc would have shown at least the EU cares as an entity. Instead, we saw quite the opposite.

Italian Prime Minister Conte asked the EU many times to help.

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