Home Secretary: It’s “Not about heavy-handed law enforcement” but “we do need to all take responsibility”.

Ms Patel we need to take responsibility on curbing covid 19


After talking about rules being toughened Ms Patel come out insisting that the campaign to curb the growth of COVID 19 was” not about heavy-handed law enforcement “. Ms Patel’s words came after Northamptonshire chief constable Nick Alderley told the press that he was “days away” from putting in place strict measures to stop people disregarding social distancing laws.

Mr Alderly said: “We will not, at this stage, be setting up roadblocks.
“We will not, at this stage, start to marshal supermarkets and be checking the items in baskets and trolleys to see whether it’s a legitimate, necessary item.
“But again, be under no illusion, if people do not heed the warnings and the pleas I’m making today, we will start to do that.” Hours later, he switched his stance saying roadblocks and supermarket trolley searches “will not happen” and said his language might have been “clumsy.”

roadblocks and supermarket trolley searches “will not happen” and said his language might have been “clumsy.”

The Home Secretary said while speaking on talkRADIO the talked about the toughened measures saying they were” not appropriate “
She said: “Let me be clear about that. That is not the guidance, that is not down to the measures we’ve been adopting thus far.
“I think though, what we should just say about this weekend, in particular, is the weather is going to be good, it’s Easter, we do need to all take responsibility here.”
Ms Patel reiterated “absolutely not” considering more stringent lockdown laws.

She added: “I’ll be very candid. Not everybody’s going to get this right, and it has taken a couple of weeks for these measures to bed in because this has been unprecedented. The police have got these new powers that they are working with right now. We want our public places to be respected and utilised in the right way.
“We want people to make the most of at least getting out in the right kind of way, practising social distancing.
“But this is not about heavy-handed law enforcement. I think I really must emphasise that. There’s a balance to this. Policing by consent means that officers, based on the guidance, exercise their judgment on the scenarios and the situations and the circumstances they are in. But the fact of the matter is if you are having a garden party or a house party, or you’re involved in a mass gathering in a public place, don’t be surprised if the police do come up to you and ask you to stop doing that.

“That’s exactly what we want to stop. But the majority of the British public have been doing the right thing, and they have been working with the police.”

The National Police Chiefs Council said the official approach to those who are flaunting the rules is still to “engage, explain and encourage people to go home.” NPCC said that Enforcement would be the last resort.

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