Rishi Sunak confirms “We have left the European Union.” We are negotiating the final terms.


Today UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak stood firm saying at the daily COVID 19 press conference, Brexit cannot be halted and that the UK government is consolidating the final terms of the trade agreement. 

Chancellor Sunak stated that Chief UK Brexit negotiator David Frost had had communications with the European Union to seek clarification on the final terms of Britain’s exit on 31st December 2020. 

Rishi said: “We have left the European Union.”

 “That has happened. What we are doing now is just negotiating the final terms of our trading arrangements”. 


“That work is carrying on.”

“David Frost held talks earlier this week with his deputy counterpart over at the EU.”

“They have exchanged legal texts and set out clarifications about what they both want from each other.”

 “David is talking to his direct counterpart either late this week or next week to plan the next steps for the meetings and continue negotiations over April and May.”

“So we remain committed to the timeline of concluding those talks and that negotiation.”

 “So I think that is pretty clear.” 

In summary, It’s great seeing the UK Government continuing to carry out Boris Johnson’s wishes On leaving the EU in its entirety by the 31st December 2020 while our PM is fighting off Coronavirus in hospital. As a Brexiteer this shows solidarity to Boris Johnson’s aims when it comes to “getting the job done” in regards to Brexit.

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