EU start to use propaganda to push for an extension, but you’ve got to ask yourself why?


A story has come out in the Express stating EU diplomats are convinced that they will soon be receiving calls from the PMs team to extend under a term labelled “flextension” which the EU said they would reject. This story comes even though Boris Johnson has repeatedly been solid on his stance, stating he wants to exit the EU in its entirety by December 31st 2020.
Under the current terms of the agreement, Boris has an option to extend one or two years by June 30th, but as we’ve just said Boris states, he will not extend.
But this raises a simple question. Why does the EU want to place stories in the media saying the PM wants two extend?

Let’s look at the current situation. The EU is suffering under the coronavirus pandemic. The EU powerhouse countries like Germany have hit a massive low in their economic outlook. But the real reason as always is money.
For many years the UK was one of the big cash cows for the EU, but now we have stated we are leaving in its entirety by the end of this year, the EU now has to cater to plug two massive monetary holes. First is the coming economic shock due to the coronavirus and second is the contribution hole left by the UK leaving the EU.
Here’s what The express article states if we went down the route of an extension: Cash-stricken member states suffering from the economic consequences of coronavirus will be able to use new negotiations to extort fresh cash out of the UK as the price for any delay.

This could even see Britain losing out on its historic rebate, sending potential contributions to the EU’s budget to around £20 billion a year, according to the source.
This does show that the EU is doing all it can under their propaganda machine to attempt to sow division in our politics once again. The EU is doing its best to lend hope to the remain lobby’s in politics, big business and its supporters. This needs to be called out for what it is, and that’s sheer desperation from a failing EU project.

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