Brexiteer Jonathan Saxty “we see the EU’s united front disintegrate before our eyes”


Despite Boris Johnson fighting off coronavirus in hospital he has stood firm on the negotiations deadline vowing to leave the bloc in its entirety by 31st December 2020.  

One political commentator said it’s essential that negotiation talks continue as there may not be an EU to negotiate with after this pandemic. Jonathan Saxty from Brexit-watch. org highlighted the current infighting and frustrations between the EU27.

Jonathan mentioned, the UK government should look further afield and pursue an official friendly union with the commonwealth nations. Mr Saxty called for the coming together of Canzak; Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK to unite on the world stage. 


Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Saxty said: “At a time when the UK has extricated itself from the EU, the case for Canzuk has never been greater.” Continued saying: “Tomorrow’s world will be one in which we need to rebuild where alliances already exist, with complementary economies and geopolitical scope…

“When the charred remains of the world economy are laid bare, we may find a very different landscape “This won’t be a time for business as usual. It will be a time to go big or go home. 

Like many brexiteers, Mr Saxty said he feels fortunate to be leaving the EU as this pandemic has riddled the block with massive problems. 
Mr Saxty wrote: “Today, we see the EU’s united front disintegrate before our eyes, as Italy and Spain, in particular, are ravaged by COVID-19 

“Those arguing for delaying the end of transition for Britain leaving the UK ought to consider whether there will be an EU at the end of this “The coronavirus crisis has exposed the limits of European solidarity…

“Why have the trappings of a state – a common currency, central bank, parliament, flag and anthem (not to mention talk of a joint military) – if you are not going to behave like one? 

As you can see in summery, Mr Saxty has made a clear case when he states that we should unite our commonalities under the commonwealth banner on the world stage, without rules, tapes and burdensome regulations designed to restrain rather than to gain the betterment of nations. We, the Commonwealth, were a big family before the UK under Heath turned its back on the commonwealth over overnight. What’s you’re thought?, should the UK unite under a United banner?

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