Spanish PM highlighting the lack of solidarity from the EU


Not only did the Italian Prime Minister criticise the EU, but the Spanish Prime Minister has come out making a thinly veiled reference to the lack of solidarity shown from the EU. Prime Minister Sanchez labelled this pandemic the biggest crisis since WW2. 

The Spanish PM stated in an article posted in the French Daily Le Monte on Sunday: “Europe is experiencing its biggest crisis since the Second World War. The bloc is facing a war that is very different to the ones it has managed to avoid over the last 70 years: a war against an invisible enemy that puts the European project to the test.”

Before adding: “There can be no cohesion without solidarity. And without cohesion, disaffection (with Europe) will take root, and the credibility of the European project will be seriously jeopardised.
“Europe was built on the ashes of destruction and conflict … and if we do not win this war (against the virus) together, then we will all lose.”

“As a Union, we can either rise to the challenge or fail. We are facing a critical moment in which even europhile countries such as Spain need proof of true commitment and strong solidarity.”
The socialist leader then insisted the coronavirus crisis “may be the opportunity to build a stronger Europe”.
He added: “The future of Europe is at stake.”

From the Spanish PM’s writings, you can see that even the strongest supporters of the EU are now asking the EU to prove its worth with emergency help to tackle the coronavirus and the financial crisis on the horizon.

Solidarity is meant to be one of the key pillars in the EU’s fabric. Will the EU remove solidarity and see the whole political project crash or will the EU come to the rescue with rich member states once again taking the burden by funding their future debt not only caused by the COVID 19 but due to Britain leaving the EU in its entirety?

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