European Parliament President regrets the EU not acting quickly enough in its response to COVID 19.


The president of the European Parliament has called on EU members to ‘act together strongly’ to fight against coronavirus. In a sit down with Sky News, David Sassoli also admitted the EU was too slow to deal with the outbreak, adding that Europe could have done more to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Even though the European Parliament President Mr Sassoli says the EU should’ve acted together to help fellow member states, the truth is they didn’t. The Italian Prime Minister Conte tried numerous times to seek help from the EU.

Mr Conte even went to the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC), a unique body set up by the EU to help countries with natural or man-made disasters but was left devastated by their response to not assist. With this news, the Italian Prime Minister was brought to tears in his address to the nation where he pleaded for help.

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With the COVID 19 death toll in Italy in the thousands, Many Italians who once supported the EU are shocked by the lack of help, with many turning their backs on the EU asking “what is it even for if not for a time like now” 

The EU in hindsight may say they regret not acting quickly enough, but the question is… is this regret due to the backlash they are now receiving from member states? Is this regret due to member states threatening to turn its back on the EU, if they continue to refuse help?.

The reason we say this is because the EU hierarchy knows that if this division continues, it could bring down the whole European superstate project which they desperately fear. 


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