Italy’s Pro EU voters vent fury over EU coronavirus help ‘Why do we want to stay in the EU? It is useless.’


With the death rate continuing to grow and the economy on the brink of collapse, Italy’s Pro EU voters vent fury over EU coronavirus help. COVID-19 has plunged Italy into its most severe crisis since World War 2, with more than 15,000 deaths from coronavirus and its economy set to suffer the deepest recession in its modern history.

A member of the European Parliament for the pro-Brussels Action party, Carlo Calenda, has warned of a growing lack in confidence in the bloc.

Carlo Calenda won his seat under the slogan “We are Europeans”, he now claims he’s receiving doubting messages from supporters. “This is an existential threat, I am not sure if we are going to make it,” he told the Financial Times. “You have to consider my party is one of the most pro-European parties in Italy and I now have members writing to me saying: ‘Why do we want to stay in the EU? It is useless.’” 
Italian PM Conte holding back tear over rise in numbers dying from the Coronavirus

A former government minister and Italian permanent representative to the EU, Mr Calenda, has warned the tides are turning after he sees support for Matteo Salvini’s from eurosceptic Lega picking up pace. “A massive, massive shift is happening in Italy,” Mr Calenda said. “You have thousands of pro-Europeans moving to this position.” Will Italy remain in the EU? 

Italian army trucks are loaded with coffins to be transported to a crematorium
Should Italy make its way in the world? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, financial help and support from the EU are non-existent. This silence and lack of support coming from the block will continue to fan the flames in people waning to leave the EU.

Italians react to lack of help from EU by burning the EU flag. 

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