Downing Street: We be leaving on 31st December 2020


On 31st December 2020, Britain will break free from EU rules and its institutional bodies. As it stands, we are in somewhat of a limbo where we don’t have a seat at the table yet pay into a club and have to accept their rules while we are in this transition period.

When Britain breaks free, we will regain our full sovereign laws, waters and borders while being able to sign international trade deals with countries from around the world.

In recent days we’ve had the clash of remain vs leave once again. Claims were made by remainer business bosses, Labour politicians along with EU bosses saying Boris Johnson was bowing to pressure to extend the negotiation talks, using coronavirus as the excuse to continue negotiations. But Downing Street responded quickly saying we will be leaving on 31st December deadline.

Boris Johnson fighting off COVID 19

To top it off, Labours Barry gardener showed his true colours. (Express reported) Barry said: “It would be petty to be making political capital out of the fact that it will only not be possible to conclude the Free Trade Agreements that the government promised before the end of this year.

“Before COVID-19 hit the department said it was short of 174 trade negotiators and was trying desperately to recruit them by the end of June. That is only not going to be possible.

“So no criticism of the failure – it is understandable- but criticism that they do not own up to it.

“People would have far more respect for this government if they felt they were being told the truth and treated like adults. Instead, the Prime Minister tells us that it’s all going to be smashing and we will get a fabulous deal with the EU and the US and everybody else by December – that’s just Bs!”

But the Chairman of the influential European Research Group, Tory Brexiteer MPs Mark Francois had none of it saying: “The last thing this country needs when facing COVID 19 is to reopen the Brexit argument all over again! Modern technology, such as Skype, facilitates negotiating at distance so there is absolutely no need to delay the transition period. On that issue, we should Keep Calm and Carry On.”

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