As the coronavirus takes centre stage, you can see the political landscape completely changing. You can also see the global elite using this pandemic as the token to make people buy into their narrative. We need to wake up and snap out of this 24/7 propaganda cycle by realising unless we get active voicing our opinion stating we don’t want an EU EXTENSION it may just happen. We need to be active on social media and messaging our MP’s stating we say #NoToExtension. Without you, the people credit wouldn’t have happened in the first place. We can not give up or relax until we leave the EU in its entirety as the truth is we haven’t entirely left yet. SHARE THIS POST AND SHARE THIS WEBSITE WITH YOUR FRIENDS 🇬🇧

 STORY /// When the going gets tough, the EU can’t get going

#1 /// WAKE UP BREXITEERS /// #NoToExtension

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