EU orders Boris to extend transition period /// It MUST be delayed!


Britain leaving the EU market and is going to be dealt economic blows from the pandemic that is a coronavirus, and MEPs in the centre-right European People’s Party, customs unions, have warned. David McAllister, the UK commerce co-ordinator of the EU Parliament, said Brussels is ready to extend the transition period beyond the year’s end. He explained: “The coronavirus pandemic interrupts the very ambitious program. The ball is clearly in the court that is British.
“The United Kingdom would need to submit a formal request. Thus far, the united kingdom government has constantly rejected such an alternative. 

Under the present conditions, London should attentively reevaluate a prolongation.”
He said: “Under these extraordinary conditions, I can’t see how the UK Government would decide to expose itself into the double whammy of the Coronavirus and the exit in the EU Single Market, that will inevitably add to the disturbance, deal or no deal.

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“that I can only hope that common sense and material will prevail over ideology. An extension of this transition period is the only responsible thing to do.”
The senior MEPs maintained they’re still watching the UK’s implementation of the Northern Irish protocol — that demands customs checks between Great Britain and the state — closely.
“The implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement is crucial for us we would like to observe guarantees the UK will fulfil all of its responsibilities coming from the Withdrawal Agreement and the Irish Protocol”, Messrs Hansen and McAllister reasoned as part of a joint announcement.


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