Polish PM savages EU over coronavirus response – ‘hasn’t given a cent’


As nation-states of the EU 🇪🇺 struggle to combat COVID-19, the false veil of unity has fallen. What the Polish PM has said about the lack of help that’s come from the EU resonates with many countries, especially Greece 🇬🇷, Spain 🇪🇸, and Italy 🇮🇹.
While the EU commissioner tries to hold the whole failed project together, the reiterates words of unity continue.
The EU is still yet to put their words of so-called unity into action.

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On Friday in the Polish Parliament, Mr Morawiecki asserted that “national states” are more important in managing the crisis. The Prime Minister of Poland also alleged that Brussels had not pledged funding to combat the outbreak. He said: “Unfortunately the EU hasn’t given a single cent yet to fight coronavirus.

Source: Polish PM savages EU over coronavirus response – ‘hasn’t given a cent’

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