Labour MP calls for an end to the anti-Brexit rhetoric to help the UK recover post-COVID-19 crisis.


The MP for Broughton and Blackley is currently calling for an end to the anti-Brexit rhetoric to help the recovery of the country post-COVID-19 crisis. The spread of COVID-19 is growing in the UK, the virus has sadly taken 422 people, with those who have been tested positive for COVID-19 rising at a rapid rate. The united kingdom market has suffered a hammer blow after restaurants, pubs, companies and social areas were shut, and workers lost their jobs to stop the virus in its tracks. Composing on the website Labour List, Mr Stringer today called for the Government to adopt policies that will boost national wealth that was post-Brexit.”It is inevitable when life does go back to some normality; as a country, we will be faced with severe financial challenges.”

Mr Stringer, who’s functioned as a politician since 1997, urged the UK to grab control on its policies to ensure the countries’ well-being in the years ahead, including “that the UK is leaving the EU and it is, therefore, crucial that strategies adopted by the government in post-Brexit Britain increase national prosperity and well-being in decades to come, as well as ensuring that the UK ‘takes back control’ today it has abandoned the EU.” The think-tank is forming to give crucial policy changes to Brexit and campaign for an “evidence-based case for a real-Brexit and its advantages”. It aims to play a similar function for Policy Studies, which aided reforms into the market during Margaret Thatcher’s Government in the 1980s. The group has said the coronavirus would transform Brexit negotiations and accelerate the Eurozone risks, warning negotiators to get a firm grip of the repercussions.

Nevertheless, it’s not all doom and gloom, with the team saying it may be mitigated by collaborating with global financial centres.”The threat is that the consequent slump will blow off the deep-seated lid flaws within the Eurozone set up 20 years back. Once the UK renders the EU’s framework at the end of 2020, this financial risk should be lower for the UK itself and the international economic marketplace, and it’s more probable that the threat could be mitigated by cooperating with other global financial centres,” it wrote. The first paper of the think-tank concluded that the economic slump caused by the coronavirus would unveil the flaws in the Eurozone set up 20 years back. 

It identified the basis of the eurozone monetary regulatory system relies on lousy country debt that is wrongly treated by the Eurozone as riskless liquid sovereign debt. The impact of the virus countries like Italy and Spain could be a”fiscal Chernobyl” together with COVID-19 exposing the issues of countries that lack financial powers to cope with a substantial fall in output. However, for Britain, the think tanks argued fallout in the crisis could be decreased compared because it kept the pound and City regulators have shielded the global financial centres based in London. The think-tank has been led by former Brexit Party MEP and former chief executive of the Mayor’s Fund for London serving beneath now prime minister Boris Johnson


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