Douglas Carswell exposes the”sheer stupidity” of EU decision-makers


On Friday, Britain’s top Brexit negotiator David Frost showed signs of being infected with coronavirus a day following his EU counterpart, Michel Barnier, tested positive for the illness. 

Downing Street confirmed Mr Frost is now self-isolating. Regardless of the coronavirus pandemic derailing face-to-face discussions, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said talks with the EU would continue over the coming days.

This past week, before being introduced to the UK, the 441-page draft text has been sent to the 27 EU states. Nevertheless, according to analysts, much of the draft will be outright rejected by the united kingdom due to references to EU law and fishing.

Brussels still insists on maintaining its current fishing rights in the British Isles and wants London to agree to many EU regulations, including environmental standards, employment’ rights and state aid rules — something Mr Johnson has vowed not to do. As tensions are set to grow in the upcoming months, former UKIP MP Douglas Carswell exposed the”sheer stupidity” of EU decision-makers, showing what is really at stake in these discussions.

The notable Brexiteer claimed that there is no way Britain will make any concessions to the bloc. He clarified: “What is remarkable is that the European side genuinely seems to think that what they are negotiating here is that the amount of UK regulatory orientation or level of access to that the EU will need to UK waters.”It is not.”There is zero chance whatsoever that there will be an arrangement that makes it possible for the EU concessions on those items.” none at all.

“What is at stake here, even though the European side is too stupid to understand this, is the question of whether or not in five years that the UK will probably be a geopolitical ally of the European Union.”Mr Carswell noted that now, how Brussels is behaving is pushing Britain towards a fundamental realignment. He added: “The EU seems to think those discussions will determine whether or not the UK will comply with GDPR or regulations on the market.”They are determining whether they will shield the Baltic States, whether British troops and soldiers and satellites will guarantee the security of EU member states to Russia.”The absolute stupidity of EU decision-makers is they cannot see it.”


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