Senior MPs offer to submit evidence of ‘bullying’ in bid to block John Bercow’s peerage


John Bercow has hit the headlines again after he was accused of “brutalising people” by former Black Rod David Leakey. This time the committee deciding the fate of his peerage has been offered evidence by ministers. 

Lord Brew who is the the Appointment commission chairman has been contacted in writing by MP’s in hope to express their concern over Bercows peerage nomination to gain a seat in the Lord’s. 

After many questions asked to see if Jeremy Corbyn had nominated the former speaker, the Labour Leader is yet to deny the reports. With Boris Johnson confirming that he refused to put his name forward it’s clear to ask the question did Bercow jump parties because the Labour leader can only nominate people from his own party or did he leave the Tories to nominate himself as a cross bencher. 

Bercow wrote he “hopes to contribute usefully in the Lord’s”



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1 thought on “Senior MPs offer to submit evidence of ‘bullying’ in bid to block John Bercow’s peerage

  1. No he should not get a peerage, hes suppose to be inpartel. And he was not.he came across has a traitor to our beautiful country. Has a person of this country I say no to a peerage has not earned the right.

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