“No reason” to delay these negotiation talks /// Mark Francois


He said”Fortunately, modern technologies, such as video-conferencing and now Skype, makes it entirely feasible to negotiate over a distance, without having to be in the same area physically.

“So there is no reason why the discussions ought to be postponed or the transition period ought to be extended.”

Transition talks between EU and UK negotiators were postponed yesterday following a statement.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman insisted both parties remained dedicated to negotiation and also stressed the deadline of the end of the season was enshrined in legislation.

Mark Littlewood was likewise sceptical about if any delay was necessary or desired.

Mr Littlewood said: “Unravelling it could be as hard as carrying on with current deadlines.

“Paradoxically, the sort of protocols being but set up to deal with the virus are very like those dealing with a twisted Brexit.

“It is not quite a case of killing two birds with one rock, but not away.

“Another irony is that ten weeks after Brexit, the UK is about the only European country with open borders.

“The jolt to the system of continuing using Brexit is going to be tiny compared to the overall issue of dealing with the virus.”

Speculation is prevalent that Johnson will have little choice but to request an extension past the end of 2020, provided that the vast economic disruption the pandemic is causing into the planet’s economy.

Despite Downing Street’s denials, speculation is rife that Mr Johnson will have to accept a delay.

Any delay into the process of taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union would destroy support for Boris and confidence in the political system that has tried to deny Brexit to the voters for three years.


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