Here’s why Boris Johnson is standing firm on fisheries.

Fishermen attack British fishermen


In August 2018 amid a hostile exchange between UK and French fishermen. The row erupted between French and British fishermen from the English Channel as fishing boats tried to stop several fishing boats from grabbing sea scallops. 

It quickly descended into violence when three British trawlers hit by rocks were chased by ships and rammed with their counterparts. Since the British ships fled the region on top of this, rocket flares and gas bombs were thrown. 

The relentless attacks from French sailors came despite UK boats being permitted in the Bay of Seine area to fish. Footage of the episode revealed boats as an object was thrown towards them, colliding, along with the film also showed the Honeybourne III colliding . It later became apparent that after a fire erupted on board, the ship tried to ram a number of vessels. Derek Meridith, owner of 2 of those ships involved in the dispute claimed that the French sailors involved were”terrorists”. 

He said:”They will need to quit carrying the law into their own hands. It is terrorism. She explained:”That is just unfair. British boats do nothing wrong and yet we are seeing this sort of thuggery from their French counterparts.” Prime Minister at the time, Theresa May, urged both parties to settle their differences, stating:”I think it’s important we see that an amicable solution to what’s happened in the Channel. “It is what we desire and it is what France needs and we’ll be working on that.” Both France and the UK condemned the violence. 

The fight for scallops from the English Channel is a longstanding feud between British and French fishermen. In 2012, the Great Scallop War started when, according to British fishermen, UK ships were surrounded by French ships and slammed them. The assault included the throwing of stones and nets resulting in harm to the propellers and motors of the ships. The French claimed that British sailors had ventured within the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy 12 mile exclusion zone, something that they refused. 

He said last month:”I want to tell our fishermen that I will fight for them. We will look for reimbursement, if we do not receive the same access as now. “I will not let our fishermen pay for a British vote that they can do nothing about.” Prime Minister Boris Johnson would like to recover independent control of UK waters and prevent EU member countries from maintaining unfettered access.


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