EURO ECONOMIC CRISIS /// “Lagarde could wind up responsible for killing the euro”


They warned that the EU’s Frankfurt-based central bank to ramp up bond buys in order to prevent one of the sharpest increases in borrowing costs for Italy by the epidemic out of China. Italy’s 10-year bond return climbed above 2.1 percent on Monday, up nearly 0.4 percent, as opinions made by ECB president Christine Lagarde continue to cause issues in the debt industry. “The ECB can’t let this go farther.” 

Ms. Lagarde last week provoked fury after asserting that it isn’t the ECB’s job to “close the spread in bond markets”. Italians spreads over bonds — a measure of country risk in the Eurozone — hit their highest level since last June. 

Investors assert the damage is down and only a strong-minded approach from Ms. Lagarde will have the ability to persuade her critics she can keep charge of borrowing costs. The ECB has already vowed a £108 billion growth into its quantitative easing programme already committed to. 

Some members of the ECB’s governing council have suggested allowing the bank to increase its bond buys. The present asset purchase programme falls short of the £72 billion per month found in the ECB’s quantitative easing summit. 

Fabio Panetta, an ECB executive board member, stated: “When necessary, we could further expand the programme.” Experts think the ECB would need to increase its own bound-buying programme by an additional £90 billion for this to work. “Last week ECB decision gave it more ammunition to fight the fallout in the coronavirus, but it won’t be enough,” said Andrew Kenningham, chief Europe economist at Capital Economics. “We now think the bank will soon make an explicit commitment to keep sovereign bond yields on for many authorities at least for the length of this coronavirus crisis.” Italy has announced its £22.5 billion rescue package to shield businesses and homeowners against the effect of coronavirus on the market. 


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