David Lammy demands an extension to brexit negotiations.

David lammy want trade negotiation extension


David Lammy, MP for Tottenham urged the government to rethink its position. “Boris Johnson should swallow his pride and put the national interest first,” he tweeted “That means agreeing an extension with the EU.”. 

Lammy goes on to tweet today “ No more government time, energy or resources should be wasted on Brexit this year. Boris Johnson must ask for an extension to the transition period immediately. #COVID19 is a global emergency.”

Trade expert David Henig informed The Guardian: “I really don’t see how you can realistically, by the end of June, make a determination on how trade talks are moving,” he said. “You’d do it with a great deal of people under pressure, dealing with something that really is an arbitrary deadline. This is the force majeure trigger – an unforeseen context of the level. There are concerns that the peak of the disease in the United Kingdom and negotiation deadlines that are crucial could coincide. June is the month for Britain to request an extension.

Matthew O’Toole, a former advisor to Theresa May who’s now an SDLP politician in Northern Ireland’s assembly, consented. “However, as of now, the UK government is still ruling out stretching transition. That’s lunatic. The world will recover from a shock.

Pieter Cleppe, previously of this Open Europe think tank, told the Express: “It is too early to tell, but it does increase the chance that the UK will ask for an extension after all, provided the already strained resources of the authorities.”

“Given the most recent COVID-19 developments, UK and EU negotiators decided not to hold the next round of discussions in London, in the shape originally scheduled,” instead they have now changed tack and they will now hold videoconferencing to progress with the negotiations. 

Boris Johnson, however, has insisted that there will be no change to the transition period – through which the UK follows EU regulations, for example its movement legislation. The implementation period is scheduled to finish 31st December.


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