EU – UK Negotiations will now commence over videoconferencing


With face to face negotiations being cancelled in London, the two teams have resorted to using videoconferencing to keep the talks going in theses difficult times. Last week both sides released a statement that they were exploring alternative options due to the outbreak.
This hasn’t stopped the EU now saying that talks over video conferencing will take much longer.
It was reported by the express that David Henig who was the former British trade negotiator but now a director at the European Centre for International Political Economy, said: “Instead of running 11 things simultaneously you can make some progress by doing one in turn.
“It’s not that it absolutely can’t be done but the dynamic is much slower than having lots of people together.
“People find it difficult to concentrate on the dynamics of a screen and sort of float away into different places,” he said.
One senior business representative said: “Do you really want to negotiate on a line where not only might the sound and picture keep cutting out, but it might not be secure?”
A Downing Street spokesman said: “Secure calls take place across the government estate all the time.”


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