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“No deal Brexit” ‘Is still a massive possibility despite best endeavour from the U.K. EU governments Sir John Curtice said. The express newspaper reported that the polling guru said Boris Johnson would have to apply for an extension in June if he was to sidestep the no deal scenario. If this deadline was passed without an extension in June, it would guarantee the U.K. would fully cut ties with the EU at the end of the year, due to no deal being in place.
He added the House of Commons would not be able to block a “no trade deal Brexit” regardless of the efforts of Remainers.
Sir John said: “The difficulty Remainers and indeed Leavers have is that unless we apply by the end of June to extend the transition period we will not be able to extend.
“There is no way it can be stopped even if the House of Commons was to be rebellious and the truth is the current House of Commons is not going to be this rebellious.
“But there would be no way for the House of Commons in November to say it looks like we are going to crash out without a trade deal, let’s force the Government not to do it.
“It simply won’t be able to do that.
“It does, therefore, mean that the pressure will step in very quickly.
“The European Union has its priorities and the EU’s priorities are fish and security.
“This is because these are the areas where they have things they want.


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