“Extending the implementation period is not legally possible” Says UK /// EU rushes to try and secure deal on fisheries


Leaked EU documents suggest Brussels has pulled back on some their tone on fishing demands, as Boris Johnson refuses to budge and vows that these trade talks will not be extended regardless of any talk rearrangements.  
Worried EU diplomats admitted concerns that Michel Barnier had relaxed and softened their demands on EU access to U.K. fishing waters. This was brought to light after the telegraph newspaper received copies draft FTA agreement (Free Trade Agreement)
As a precondition to any deal, the EU has pushed for conditions stating boats from the European Union should have open access to U.K. waters which is status quo under “existing conditions” 
Now one concerned EU diplomats said “I am hearing from colleagues that the draft trade agreement is softer on fisheries than the mandate agreed by the EU,”
The term that’s spooked concern is that rather than demanding the fishing deal “uphold” the status quo, that key term has changed to “respected”.
Negotiators from Britain have been pushing for a “scientific evidence” based concept which catch patterns would determine how much fish could be pulled from the sea. The desired model is based around the Norway fishing agreement where annual negotiations would take place, with a science led future on fishing compared to the dysfunctional failed common fisheries policy.  
A worried senior EU official claimed Mr Barnier wanted a “balanced” fisheries agreement to be in place after the first round of negotiations, meaning they would have no other option but present member states a compromise deal going forward the telegraph reported. 
France led EU member states, are likely to reinforce the draft FTA which would further expose the deep divides between the U.K. and EU. 
One diplomat said, “This draft hasn’t got passed the French yet” 
With Brussels demanding that the European court of justice continue to determine competition rulings for Britain after brexit, the U.K. will shoot that down. The U.K. will not be going forward accepting EU subsidy rules under the EU term “uniform implementation.”
With last minute rearrangements the second round of talks will be held over agreed video conference rather than a face to face meeting due to the coronavirus. Britain is said to also be dealing its version Canada style based Free Trade Agreement into the realm of these talks. 
The U.K. has said regardless of time running out “Everybody is aware of the timetable and extending the implementation period is not legally possible in the UK, It will be possible to complete the talks.”


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