Nigel Farage predicts how the EU will be brought down as Germany turn their backs on Italy

Nigel farage vs Angela Merkel



Has the chancellor done enough in the budget to deal with the crisis that’s coming down the tracks at us?, well I think he’s done as much as he can but I don’t think it is going to be enough for many people it is my view. 


To Italy, I know I’ve been talking about this every single day, but just to give ourselves some sense of where we are with this in Italy, on Monday eight thousand diagnosed cases, four hundred and sixty three deaths, on Tuesday eight and a half thousand diagnosed cases, six hundred and thirty one deaths, today ten and a half thousand diagnosed cases and eight hundred and twenty seven deaths, that sets up another thirty one percent overnight and still forty two percent of people in intensive care are under the age of sixty four which is the figure I keep putting out there.

Now that may be a reason for that and this is a fairly unpalatable truth. 


But I know from friends and sources in Milan, that there was simply not enough long ventilators for all the people who have called acute pneumonia.


The doctors are having to make incredibly difficult choices and I’m guessing that maybe a lot more young people than older people to be given a chance and that’s maybe why such a high percentage do appear there all on that list.

So the situation is very unpleasant and very very serious. 


And into this today comes China. 


Because the Chinese outbreak has slowed and the Chinese are not in a state of panic that they were, so today the Chinese have announced that they will donate a hundred thousand hi tech face masks to Italy. 

Twenty thousand protective suits, fifty thousand swap diagnostic kits and they’re about to sell a thousand lung ventilators, from China, to the Italians and all of this on the same day as Germany have said that they will not fulfill their orders for face masks and other medical gear to both Austria, Switzerland and Italy because the Germans have decided they need all the stuff inside Germany, in case the outbreak gets worse 

Two things I have to say on this.

Switzerland and Italy because the Germans have decided, they need all the stuff inside Germany, in case their own outbreak gets worse.

Nigel farage

Two things to say about this, firstly when it comes to death that’s a national thing, not a supernational thing, it’s not an EU thing.

And secondly, I can see the narrative in Italy already, it is in our hour of need, our so called partners in the European Union turned there backs on us and believe me if brexit and trump with the beginning of the breakup of the globalist project, I think what is happening in the coronavirus in the end we’ll break it completely.

I really genuinely do watch for that narrative in our hour of need the Germans wouldn’t help us.

It’s coming I believe you me. 


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