Environment Secretary Mr Eustice: “Holding access to U.K. fisheries is a powerful card to have” in these negotiations.

George eustice


Environment Secretary George Eustice was reporting to the EU energy and environment committee about the future of fisheries after brexit.

Mr Eustice said: “Holding access to U.K. fisheries is a powerful card to hold”

”With Leaving the European Union, we will take full control of our resource and it will be for us to decide who can access our waters and on what terms.” 

Mr Eustice

This has angered French President Emmanuel Macron as he has started applying pressure on Brussels to harden its stance against the U.K.

Macron is demanding Michel Barnier chief EU negotiator to Armstrong the U.K. in adhering to regulatory alignment with the EU rules and on fisheries, in an attempt to gain unrestricted access to U.K. waters, with the same quotas as they do now, in return for a free trade agreement. 


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