“We want to become a rule maker:” Boris rejects EU’s key demands on U.K. adhering to EU rules


With the first round of the EU – U.K. trade talks completed, the EU now know the U.K. will not allow anything other than a Canada style free trade deal.

Even though the U.K. has left the EU, the U.K. is still bound by rules made in Brussels till we fully leave the transition period on 31st Dec 2020. “WITH OR WITHOUT A DEAL”

At an event that was held last Thursday, Sir Bill Cash opened up arguing the reason the country was in such Paralysis for 3 long years was due to remainers trying to sabotage the 2016 democratic vote. Bill said: “those who did not want us to leave the EU, caused paralysis in Government”.

Bill cash

This paralysis ended with the election of Boris becoming leader and then smashing the other main parties with an overwhelming 80 seat majority election victory. The December election was an unleash of built up frustrated energy which was why so many voted for the Tories to stop the remainers further making a mockery of Britain on a global stage.

With last weeks trade talks being the first time the two negotiation teams have seen eye to eye. Michel Barnier clarified that there were many areas where the U.K. diverged from the EU.


Some of the main areas were fisheries, a level playing field (carrying on accepting EU rules), and the role of the European Court of Justice (again wanting the U.K. to be subservient to the EU)

The EU wanted these aspects adhered to, so the U.K. is prohibited to become competitive. But Boris knows that if he sighed the U.K. up to these rules, then the U.K. wouldn’t be able to make free trade agreements without EU rules interfering in the conditions of all future trade deals. This is why Boris shot down this idea of the U.K. being a rule taker and opting for the U.K. to become a rule maker.

Both sides will revisit negotiations on March 18 in the UK.


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