Austria shuts borders with Italy. Germany blocks lorry entering Switzerland carrying face masks.

Eu clash


Diplomatic spat has erupted between European nations due to the spread of Covid-19. Leading politicians in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy have reached breaking point and seem to have dropped their “European Solidarity”.

Austria have closed its borders with Italy in an effort to stop the spread of convicts-19 spreading to its citizens due to Italy now being on lockdown. 

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said only Italians with official documentation showing that they are coronavirus free will be allowed to enter Austria. All modes of transport have also been stopped going to and from Austria and Italy.

Mr Kurz noted that Austrians returning from Italy will have to isolate themselves for two week. He goes on to say: “Regarding Austrians in Italy, we are currently organising a repatriation of these Austrians.”

Last week the German government blocked a truck carrying nearly a quarter of a million face masks going into Switzerland which has caused a massive dispute, as the masks where needed by Swiss nurses and doctors.

European neighbour Austria also jumped into the row with its Economy Minister Margarete Schramboeck saying: “It can’t be that Germany is holding back products for Austria just because they happen to be stored in a German location.

“These products are for the Austrian market, and unilateral moves by Germany are just causing problems in other countries.”


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