Fisheries – 3 brand new patrol vessels, contracted Aerial Surveillance, private sector ready to help, decommissioning on vessels halted. We’re ready to secure our waters

George Eustice



#Baroness Byford

Are you content with what the are plans for the landing catches and how in fact will enforcement measures being financed? Two separate important Issues.

Baroness Byford

#George Eustice

I might ask Neil to come in on the details on this, but we have significantly increased our enforcement capabilities.

The Royal Navy introduced three new off shore patrol vessels, but a decision was taken to not decommission the old ones so there is additional capacity there.

We’ve also taken on some extra capacity from the private sector to give us extra vessels.

We’ve launched a new Joint maritime control centre together with both border force and Coast Guard, so that we can make better coordinated use of the various assets that we have.

The home office for instance have four cutter vessels that are suitable for some fisheries patrol work and we have trained some of their staff to become warranted fishery officers.

We trained a significant number, I think around fifty new fisheries protection officers to support us in this work and we are also taking out a aerial surveillance contracts so we have increasing it substantially, we think that that’s sufficient but I might also ask Neil if there is anything else to add…

George Eustice

#Neil Hornby

I mean in terms of strengthening both our capacity and capability to enforce, the other thing we’ve brought in as well, is that vessels fishing in our waters will require a specific license.

This includes EU vessels and others that we might permit access to or need a license from the U. K. authorities to fish here and those licenses will have a number of conditions attached to them, which is one of the way we could require other vessels to comply with certain rules that we might want here and that provides quite strong enforcement agains vessels that are picked up not following those conditions.

But again it’s a method we use now for our own vessels, but something we can extend to other vessels we find coming into our waters.



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