Conservative claims “deeply disturbing the dark forces are trying to influence the findings of a Cabinet Office“ to oust Priti Patel



Jo Coburn

Let’s welcome on the BBC’s chief political correspondent Vicki young, because we’re going to talk about overnight fresh allegations of bullying, against the home secretary Priti Patel.

Vicki what’s happened?

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Vicki Young

Yeah well we’ve already had allegations, that this went on at the Home Office and at The Department work and pensions.

Of all things of course Patel has denied, And then overnight there were more allegations about her time as the international development department. 

Now they’ve appeared in the sun and the times and also the BBC.’s news night as well, And it’s again about alleged behaviour towards staff, particularly her private office.

Now these are the staff that would have the most contact with her on a daily basis and it now seems that a senior official who has collated some of these allegations and claims, is now prepared to give evidence, on the record that cabin office inquiry and indeed any future employment tribunal which of course stems from the resignation of the most senior civil servant at the home office, And it does seem to allegedly have affected several members of a private office.

Jo Coburn

And what’s the government saying?

Vicky Young

Well the home office has constantly said that She categorically rejects all of these allegations, but a source from the Conservative Party, has told the BBC that they think something different going on.

They think there’s a concerted effort by certain sections of the civil service to undermine the Home Secretary. 

Trying to deliver what they say is what the people want when it comes to crime for example, when it comes to brexit of course, and they say it’s deeply disturbing the dark forces are trying to influence the findings of a Cabinet Office inquiry.

Now she also sent out an email last night Priti Patel that was alongside the new senior civil servant in the department saying…

“That she did regret the resignation of sir Philip Rutnam, but it’s now time for the Home office” she says to “come together as one team”, now that’s wishful thinking I think in some cases,

And said “she deeply cared about the wellbeing of civil servants and valued their professionalism”.

The only real reference to all of these allegations against her I think today will be intriguing, how far does the prime minister go in supporting her? 

He has so far, but now she has these two enquiries hanging over her, one which will be carried out if you like in house, but there is a possibility of course of a tribunal in months away maybe, but you know that is hanging over her, she’s got a huge job ahead, the home office has a huge job ahead, with all the things they have to deal with this is incredibly difficult for her.

Jo Coburn

The thank you very much

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