”Go to Michel Barnier and ask for an extension” Ed Davey’s advice to Boris Johnson

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So what would you do?



Ed Davey MP

Well, first of all ill tell you what I wouldn’t do, I wouldn’t be focusing on other things, I’ll be focusing purely on dealing with crises like this and indeed the funding crisis.

I wouldn’t be setting self imposed deadlines for brexit negotiations.

Why doesn’t the prime minister go to the EU and Michel Barnier and say look, we said we didn’t want an extension but that was before the Corona virus threat came along. 

Why don’t we have an extension and give ourselves the space so we can both cooperate on dealing with this, and the whole of government can be focused on protecting the safety of people across the the UK.


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Radio Presenter

They’ve only just turned up haven’t they?

David frost leading our side, Michel Barnier leading their’s. 

We’ve got a team of a hundred there, the planning and the preparation of the leaks by the way over the last few weeks have been painful, So I mean just sort of can’t you do more than one thing at a time if you’re a government.


Ed Davey MP

Of course you can, let’s remember that these are the most difficult negotiations affecting the whole of government that we’ve ever had since the second World War at least and they will be requiring an awful lot of effort. 

They are very difficult negotiations with mass implications, so they do need a huge amount of effort from the government. 

What I’m saying is that surely give we’ve now got this unexpected new threat which is you know actually far more relevence to people’s lives about that health and safety of their families and also we we know that the NHS is under huge strain.

What is your priority?.

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Yeah all right.

Ed Davey Mp

The EU have already said that they were already prepared to grant an extension so surely we should be grown up about this and mature should not just go with what effectively out self imposed deadlines.

Radio Presenter


Ed Davey

The’re not imposed by the EU, but imposed by Boris Johnson. 



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