Macron under pressure to get Boris Johnson to break his red lines on access to U.K. fishing waters…

Macron under pressure on fishing

Brussels are said to be nervous about losing access to U.K. fishing grounds ahead of U.K. EU trade talks that will take place this Monday.

U.K. fishing water's explained

For weeks the French have been firing demands at the U.K. in hope Boris Johnson gives way. The shoe now seems to be on the other foot as the EU are getting increasingly worried regarding what access they will have to U.K. waters.

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In previous reports a U.K. government spokesman said the U.K. wanted fisheries to be discussed separately from the free trade agreement, But the EU disagreed. According to Ms Georgina Wright of the Institute for Government, French President Emmanuelle Macron is saying to be under extreme pressure to do all he can to get Boris Johnson to break his red lines on fishing.

Boris Johnsons red lines were set out last week in his “Future Relationship document”. The document states, “The UK is ready to consider an agreement on fisheries that reflects the fact that the UK will be an independent coastal state at the end of 2020.”

it goes onto say ” It should provide a framework for our future relationship on matters relating to fisheries with the EU. This would be in line with precedent for EU fisheries agreements with other independent coastal states.”

Boris won't back down on keeping U.K. fishing waters sovereign

The EU is eager to get clarity and movement on the direction on the future fishing agreement, this is said to be why fishing access will be one of the first contemptuous subjects to be discussed.

With the U.K. and EU having polar opposite positions on the vision on trade between the two entities, the EU are set to be in a race against time to find a compromise to outline a deal with the U.K.

This comes after Boris Johnsons team stated that if no outline agreement is agreed by June the U.K. will begin to preparations for NO DEAL.

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