Britain set to decline the EU’s demand calling for Britain to adhere to ECHR post Brexit

As we go into the Brexit trade talk which commences on Monday 9:30 am in Brussels, Britain is set to decline the EU’s demand that guarantees the U.K. to adhere to EU human rights law which would come into effect after we fully leave the EU’s single market and customs union.

Boris Johnson has clearly stated once we go beyond the 31st December 2020 we will be free from the single market, a customs union and any EU laws that we are under in the transition period.

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The EU plan to apply pressure onto the British negotiators as a clause is set to be proposed to be implemented into the future trade agreement which will be enforced on Britain after 31st December.

The consequences of the U.K. being tied into the EU human rights law would mean the U.K. would have to adhere to foreign law and rules which Boris Johnson has clearly stated will not happen.

Here is a statement from the U.K. governments future relationship document that was released last week:

“It is a vision of a relationship based on friendly cooperation between sovereign equals, with both parties respecting one another’s legal autonomy and right to manage their own resources as they see fit. Whatever happens, the Government will not negotiate any arrangement in which the UK does not have control of its own laws and political life. That means that we will not agree to any obligations for our laws to be aligned with the EU’s, or for the EU’s institutions, including the Court of Justice, to have any jurisdiction in the UK.”

As the U.K. fully cut ties to the EU’s structures the U.K. will be in sole in charge of its laws, money, waters, and sovereignty. The positives are endless for the U.K. with the only negative coming from those with a can’t do attitude. #WTO 🇬🇧👍

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