Reports allegedly state Migrants are being helped on by Turkey as they arrive on EU shores…

Government spokesman Omer Celik stated:”As a consequence of the attack, the refugees in Turkey are heading towards Europe, and people on Syrian territory are going towards Turkey.

The European Commission two years ago said they were going to train up 10,000 officials to build up and strengthen its own Frontex border force agency in the wake of the recent migration crisis on this bloc. In recent reports only 700 officers have been recruited and they will not be trained in time for installation until January2021. The EU is under a massive threat and with only 1100 border force personnel placed along a vast border they will be powerless to stop any major crossings by Illegal migrants.

The Lighthouse Relief charity team recently spoke out claiming they had seen Coast Guard ships waving boats through en route to the European Union. Turkey Obviously denied the allegations that it has dropped its responsibilities to prevent refugees crossing the borders. After allegedly bussing refugees to Greece and Bulgaria Ankara raised fears of a migration influx. And in Istanbul footage surfaced lines of asylum seekers awaiting buses to carry them.

In 2019 this was said again as a threat by Turkey:

Talking to his party, Mr Erdogan said Turkish forces had killed 109″militants” because the operation began on Wednesday and warned he would”open the doors” to spark a fresh refugee crisis in Europe when the EU called it an”invasion”

“Hey EU. I say it again: if you attempt to frame our operation as an invasion, then our task is straightforward: we will open the doors and deliver 3.6 million migrants to you,” he explained.

Yet a Turkish spokes man is still adamant that: “From our standpoint this deal still stands and we expect Turkey to uphold its responsibilities stemming from this statement.”

Now with the EU spread thinly across its enormous external boundaries. Frontex has said it is about to relocate its border guards with Turkey to hotspots in case of an increase in migration flows across the borders of the EU.

Yet videos emerge from Anadolu, revealed that around 300 migrants had made their way through fields and streets close to the Greek border.

One migrant interviewed with a Turkish television station said bus drove free them. “Our refugee policy is exactly the same as previously, but we are now in a situation where we can’t hold them.Leaders fear Ankara is currently using threats of reopening its borders as leverage for assistance from its campaigns in Northern Syria.

A picture taken from Pazarkule shows a group of migrants wait on no man’s land between Turkey and Greece, at the Turkeys Pazarkule border crossing with Greece’s Kastanies, in Turkey, February 28, 2020. REUTERS/Huseyin Aldemir

A spokesman explained: “When it has to do with the current situation, if needed, we may look at moving officers from different operations.

The European Commission said that it hadn’t received formal notification from Turkey that it was changing its border policy.

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