Whilst the EU have hit a dead end, Britain are flying high before the coming negotiations.

Over the last few weeks all we seem to hear from the EU is the term “level playing field”. The term Level playing field to the EU is for others to adhere to their rules and their customs because they couldn’t dream of changing their cushty Gravy train life style to meet half way, that would be asking to much.

It’s always been their way or nothing, it’s now plain for everyone to see that they have ran out of road and have now come to a dead end. They have now resorted to bully boy tactics making threats of financial Market lock outs and physical violence On fishermens nets and boats to try an deflect away from their weak hand in this coming negotiations.

The EU are doing what they’ve always done and that’s to bully countries into submission in hope they get their way but this time there’s a problem, Boris isn’t sitting back and taking it like previous Prime Ministers have in the past. It terrifies the EU as they have now realise the true extent of brexit where for the first time the EU bully boy narrative tactics have been shattered and the realities arise with Britain clearly now having the upper hand.

Eu brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier

With the EU still trying to keep their strength up through Failing narratives they seem to be low on substance other than throwing a tantrum in hope we [UK] back down.

I never thought the EU would be gullible enough to think a third country would become a rule taker controlled by a foreign entity that isn’t a country but an overgrown political body who are willing to throw citizens’ livelihoods under the bus as long as the EU is kept afloat. What other third country accepts locking themselves into external rules which are set externally by a foreign entity whilst claiming its independence. It isn’t going to happen.

It’s wonderful to finally see a country like Great Britain actually having a Prime Minister that seems to be putting pride and belief of our abilities as a county at the front of these negotiations.

At the minute Boris is doing all the right things, we can only go off what we have seen so far and with months of negotiations ahead anything can change.

Boris… voters have been loyal enough to give you their trust in votes that you will get us out of the EU without having our hands tied. We want to stay friends with our neighbours but not run by them. We will be watching what’s happens in hope that you really do walk your talk.

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