The EU have fallen into their own trap and they legally haven’t a leg to stand on…

It seems that the EU has fallen into their own trap. Before we left, the EU was determined to keep the separate Political agreement Non-Legally binding. This has now caught them out and have put them on the back foot.

Below is a screen shot of the recent “Trade Agreements: Geography and trade intensity” document [full document below]. The below statement from the EU seems a bit contradictory. First of all, it states the U.K. has left the EU and will leave it’s single market and customs union at the end on the transition period.

But here’s the contradiction… This goes onto say…“however the U.K. have agreed to have an unprecedented and broad economic partnership.” (Trying to keep us locked in the EU) But here’s the clanger… That statement from the EU was taken from the non Legally binding political declaration. The EUs original plan was to get binding terms in the withdrawal agreement by leading people with the nonbinding political agreement which could be changed after the withdrawal agreement was signed.

What the EU tried to do to the U.K. by keeping us locked into the EU through technicalities has now locked them out from having a hold of the U.K.

Political agreement is non binding as stated in this video

This little statement now shines light on why they are so desperate for the U.K. to sign up to A level playing field because legally they have no leg to stand on with the EU throwing their demands based from a non legally binding document.

It’s clear to see that the EU is in a panic over this because their leverage on the U.K. was the obedience of May who was a retainer in full favor of the EU. Now they know they are dealing with a different kettle of fish as Brexiteer Boris knows what is needed to make the U.K. a fully independent coastal nation once again.

The EU now claim we are too close to the EU to have a free-trade deal, they say this in the hope we cower to their demands because they hope we are scared of a no deal. The EU underestimate the friends around the world the U.K. has. We will trade with the commonwealth nations, Middle East and USA who are lining up to sign trade deals with us without legally tying us into their legal framework and systems.

The time of being run from a far is now over yet, it is the EU that don’t now how to handle this situation. The natural way of thinking going forward from the EU is how to make the U.K. look like it’s doing badly and deem it a non-beneficial Avenue if anyone else tries to leave the EU.

Bottom line is, and this is what really scares the EU, is that the U.K. will become a great competitive free sovereign nation once again and we will reap the rewards from being so.

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