EU in mass panic as their demands are found to be from the non legally Binding political agreement.

The EU is at it again, today they have come out with threats of No Deal in the UK don’t make continued access available to EU fishing boats after Brexit with the same quotas as now.

The Express reports – “The European Union has demanded the UK continues to allow fleets from inside the bloc access to British waters in order to strike a post-Brexit free-trade deal. The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier warned after European ministers agreed to red lines for the negotiations in a meeting on Tuesday that fishing rights must be included in the deal or there “won’t be any agreement at all”.

The political agreement is non-binding as explained in this video

The reason the EU has asked for this to be legally binding is because the document the EU keeps referring to (political agreement from the withdrawal agreement) is a non legally binding document which has backfired on them in the most dramatic way possible.

Eu brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier

The EU are now panicking because the EU realise legally they do not have a leg to stand whilst making these orders and they hope by making demands the U.K. will obey and back down. The EU is acting like a spoilt child who has never been told NO!

The EU misread the mood in the U.K. during the December general election. At the last general election Guy Verhofstadt was trying to cause a liberal snowflake media storm thinking he would rally Enough support in the U.K. to get behind the failed Jo Swindon who claimed she was going to be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

The result of the UK general election was an astounding win for the conservatives with the Self-labeled “next Prime Minister of the U.K.” Jo Swindon losing her seat in the most dramatic way. Never has karma felt so good when she lost her seat.

On Monday the negotiation talks will commence with fishing being the top priority for the EU. The EU hope to manipulate the UKs hand by leveraging it to access to the EU financial markets. The U.K. have already said they will not be taking orders from a third entity who wish the U.K. be a noncompetitive nation, bound by EU rules whilst being outside the EU. No nation would ever cut off its hands to benefit another nation and the U.K. will most certainly will not be the first to do so.

BELOW “Trade Agreements: Geography and trade intensity” document based on a non legally binding document


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