Boris Johnson’s Government hits out “EU plans worse terms for the U.K. compared to other trading partners throughout the world”

On Tuesday, Brussels released its own mandate, paving the way for talks to start next Monday. But, Boris Johnson’s Government instantly hit back in the position the EU plans to take, pointing out the bloc wants to supply Britain worse terms compared to other trading partners throughout the world.

Brussels is making clear that it expects the UK to keep in an endeavor to prevent the country from gaining a competitive edge over member countries still saddled with EU rules and to stick with EU principles and criteria.

However, Mr Johnson’s Brexit negotiator David Frost said regulatory divergence is “that the purpose of the entire Brexit job” and anything less “simply fails to find the point of what we’re doing”

To further complicate matters, French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters on Saturday that he is “not sure” a UK-EU trade deal will be struck out of December 31 — the end of the transition period.

Mr. Macron said talks beginning on March 3 will be “stressed”, with fishing rights a key point of contention.

According to the Telegraph, in European Commission experiences, France was insisting at the past few months which Britain should grant EU nations access to UK fishing waters for 25 years if it requires a free-trade agreement with Brussels.

In 2018, he suggested that if the UK was unwilling to compromise in negotiations on fishing, subsequently talks about a trade deal would have become slow.

Eu brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier

Speaking after an EU summit, through which member countries approved Theresa May’s withdrawal arrangement, Mr. Macron explained: “We as 27 have a very clear position on fair competition on fish, also on this issue of the EU’s regulatory freedom, which generates part of our position for its upcoming connection talks.”

The President also indicated that without progress on trade, the backstop strategy to prevent a border in Ireland would have to be implemented, including a temporary customs union for the whole of the United Kingdom.

He added: “It’s a lever as it is in our mutual interest to have this upcoming relationship.

“I can’t imagine the demand for Theresa May or her fans would be to stay for the long run in a customs union but instead to specify a correct future relationship that resolving this situation.”

As things now stand, Mr. Morris’ comprehension appears to have been right.

Despite Mr Macron’s hardline position, Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan explained that British sailors shouldn’t worry, as Mr Johnson will undoubtedly deliver on his promise and extends them back complete control of their oceans.

The Conservative MEP clarified, “I do not think there’s any chance that we will not insist upon the sovereignty of the territorial waters.

“That is not to mention that we will get exclusive use of those.

“We don’t have the capacity for this and we never had this.

“Before we joined the EEC we always had bilateral and multilateral arrangements with our neighbors like every other country in the world does.

“If fish spawn from the waters of one country and achieve maturity in another, of course both of these states will get together and agree a quota system that they can both share and gain from.

“We could do so like Norway or Iceland.”

Mr Hannan said”However it will be on the premise that we’re a sovereign nation, making arrangements with our neighbors rather than on the premise that North Sea fish stocks are a common source to that all members have equal access.

“We will return sovereignty out to 200 miles all of the medium line, as permitted under law.

“We will look for friendly and mutually profitable deals with our neighbors in the Netherlands, France etc which will serve our own interests as well as theirs.

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